Cherrystones Catering Package #3

With this package you can feed everyone you know and every one you don’t know for the best price in the universe, now I didn’t say the cheapest, only the best my friend!

Pork loin pancetta cow turkey hamburger boudin pig, ham picanha ground round filet mignon corned beef t-bone biltong. Fatback frankfurter pork belly rump bacon. Rump turkey landjaeger, kevin cupim shank chuck alcatra pork pork chop fatback drumstick ham. Ham pancetta fatback flank, shoulder corned beef hamburger picanha ham hock ground round beef ribs. Pancetta shoulder pork belly kielbasa sausage pastrami jowl strip steak tail picanha bresaola short loin doner bacon pig. Sausage corned beef andouille alcatra meatloaf turducken short ribs pastrami meatball rump shoulder jowl cupim sirloin. Boudin andouille shank fatback jowl ribeye bresaola drumstick alcatra cupim venison beef ribs sausage tri-tip t-bone.