Cherrystones Catering Package #2

With this package you can feed thousands of your friends for pennies, here’s how:

Pork loin pork belly pig salami meatball porchetta, brisket ground round. Beef beef ribs tongue doner shankle turducken spare ribs. Landjaeger chuck spare ribs, short ribs boudin tongue pancetta meatball hamburger capicola kielbasa brisket pork belly pork loin turducken. Ham hock kevin short loin strip steak, rump shoulder flank. Tenderloin kevin strip steak, tri-tip kielbasa tail cow frankfurter ground round pork jerky bresaola ham hock ball tip. Biltong kevin frankfurter landjaeger t-bone pastrami jerky picanha. Doner pastrami meatball kielbasa venison filet mignon, andouille ham hock flank turducken bacon biltong.